Stm32f103 course


Update, the course is completed and can be found on udemy, link is here: STM32 Beginner Course

I’ve seen some interest in my stm32 blinky example tutorial and want to give you guys more content in the fun embedded world, especially for the stm32 microcontroller. I’ve put up a table of contents down below, this is what the course will cover.

What radio would you like to see in this course? Please leave a comment down below or email me. I’m also thinking of creating a hardware starter kit with all the necessary components needed for the project.

Thanks for your time,

Table of contents

  • What we will cover in this course
    • Read and write to GPIO
    • Read analogue values
    • Send and receive messages over UART
    • Send and receive messages over USB
    • Send and receive messages over Radio
  • STM32 hardware
    • Memory
    • CPU
    • GPIO
    • Timers
    • ADC
    • Poll/Interrupt
    • SPI, USB, UART
  • Setup the development environment
    • STM32CubeMX
    • Setup IDE OpenSTM32 eclipse
  • Get the hardware
    • Stm32
    • St-link programmer
    • Radio module
    • USB Cable
    • Breadboard, cables
  • C/C++
    • Short intro to programming
    • Stack and heap
  • First project – GPIO
    • Getting familiar with CubeMX
    • Configure STM32 MCU
    • Generate code for eclipse
    • Connecting the hardware
    • Breakpoints
    • Build/send and run on target
    • Toggle GPIO pin
    • Reading polling/interrupt from pin
  • Second project – ADC
    • Connect a LED and a potentiometer to STM32
    • Read input from an analogue signal
    • Adjust the output voltage to a LED to adjust the brightness
  • Third project – UART
    • Connect the UART to STM32 pins
    • Send debug output to a PC
    • Send commands to stm32 from a PC
  • Fourth project – USB
    • Connect the USB to STM32 pins
    • Send and retrieve data structs between PC and stm32
    • Write implementation on the STM32
    • Write implementation on the PC
  • Fifth project – SPI
    • Connect the radio to STM32 pins
    • Send and receive data over the air
  • Sixth project – Firmware
    • Creating a firmware containing all the projects from above.
    • Optimization

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