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  • Convert video to mobile devices

    ffmpeg -i \ -c:v libx264 -crf 23 -profile:v baseline -level 3.0 -pix_fmt yuv420p \ -c:a aac -ac 2 -b:a 128k \ -movflags faststart \ output.mp4 Link: What ffmpeg command line produces video more compatible across all devices?

  • Davinci resolve script for generating videos that can be imported

    #!/bin/bash DIRPATH=$1 OLDIFS=$IFS IFS=$’\n’ if [ -z “$DIRPATH” ] then exit 1 fi mkdir -p processed FILES=$(ls $DIRPATH) for i in $FILES do if [ -d “$FILES” ] then continue fi NEW_NAME=$(echo $i | sed ‘s/\.[^.]*$/.mov/’) #NEW ffmpeg -i “$i” -vcodec dnxhd -profile:v dnxhr_hq -r 25 -pix_fmt yuv422p -s 3840×2160 -c:a pcm_s16le “processed/$NEW_NAME” #OLD #ffmpeg…

  • STLink server on a Linux server

    I’m currently doing a project with STM32 and radios. I want to have a server with all the stm32’s connected, with UART, USB and ST-Link v2. I’m using a laptop as my development computer and don’t want to plug the connections in and out all the time. Therefor I installed a Linux server which will…

  • Updating Espressobin U-boot via tftp.

    To update u-boot via tftp, install a tftp software and copy its binaries to the directory where tftp has its data. The text in bold is the text you type in. This is intended for armbian use. They require the latest u-boot version.

  • Espressobin – install nginx and php

    Espressobin is my new toy which eventually be my new bridge to the internet while it hosts my connected home. Eventually it will be hosting Home Assistant, OpenVPN and be the WLAN Access Point. The Espressobin has all the “horse power” i need, it is equipped with 1 gigabyte of ram and a dual core ARM Cortex…

  • Raspberry pi and stm32 communication with mrf24j40 over 802.15.4.

    I am currently working with a project regarding my LED-lightening in the kitchen. The system will be based on a STM32-circuit and the communication device is a mrf24j40 which supports the 802.15.4 protocol.

  • Sammanställning av projekt

    Har skrivit ned en dokumentation om flera projekt, programvaror och skript som jag utfört under studietiden, fritiden och på arbetet. Dokumentet kan läsas här:

  • Steg 2: Bygga högtalarlåda

    Höjdens maximala yttermått var 57 cm varav lådan byggdes med den höjden. Fick rekommendation av hifikit att bredden skulle vara smal, varav frampanelen gjordes med en bredd på 24 cm. Djupets storlek räknades ut enligt nedan:

  • Steg 1: Uppgradering av högtalarelement i befintlig låda.

    Högtalarlåda: Dimensioner för lådan: Namn Mått (cm) Bashål 8” Lilla diskanten 7,5 ; 0,7 kant Stora diskanten 9,7 ; 1 kant Höjden 49,5 Bredden 24,5 Djupet 30 Volymen: H[dm]*B[dm]*D[dm] = dm^3 4,95*2,45*3,0 = 36.3825 liter. (yttermått räknat)

  • A new project idea: IoT sync

    I’ve created a program for handling data for IoT devices. It is php-based and uses mysql, ssh and rsync.